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Driving is the norm, to/from work, the gym, friends and family and community activities.

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I would like to decrease driving my personal car.  I would like the city to create/provide better public transportation throughout the city.  The different options such as the Red/Purple/Blue line sound great but I question whether these services will meet the need of people like me that would like to travel around/throughout the city?  is there a way to provide more bicycle options throughout the city beyond downtown and the regular tourist attractions?  Commuter friendly, better but there is lots of work to be done.   

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If possible, the locations can be placed similar to the IndyBlue vehicles. Although, I believe IndyBlue placements are somewhat intrusive for local homeowners because they occupy valuable parking spaces. However, I have heard very positive reports from individuals that use the services and availability. I realize there are no easy answers to the issues to this problem nor is there a quick fix. Having the dialogue is a good start.
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