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Identifying Root Causes of Mobility Deficits

Understanding who has the greatest needs for mobility.

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Using the analogy of a spooked wheel, envisioning the center or hub as a major metropolis, and spooks as those in greatest need of mobility, and the rim creating all or one, is the approach needed in determining the, Who, what, where, when, and how of mobility. All entities located within a major metropolitan area need to be surveyed and asked, “ who in their universe suffers most from inadequate mobility?” The picture painted from the results of such a survey  would reveal the starting point of how all the spokes can be connected to one, to reach the hub! If the survey revealed that poverty stricken areas had the greatest needs for mobility, perhaps a collaborative front concept could be created, where entities could partner with local gov creating safe satellite pick up locations in these areas, providing rides to riders in need. 

So many people want to help! We must use human capital to create and enhance mobility!




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Hi Oscar Perez , thanks so much for the insight! I truly couldn't agree more. I'm Jasmine, one of the online facilitators for the challenge this year. I definitely agree that as a whole, and even as smaller parts to the whole, Indianapolis needs to come together to assess which areas need a "mobility face lift" so to speak. In your daily commute or even in your leisure travels, which areas have you encountered that would benefit the most from a "mobility face lift"?

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