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I'm in a pretty good location, but...

Don't discard/discount personal vehicles. Also, we need more protected bike lanes.

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Any form of transportation has challenges. Indy is really pushing IndyGo, the bus system. It takes me 30 minutes to get to a bus stop and there is a lot of wait time and travel time involved which reduces convenience. That said, I've enjoyed the few trips I've taken.  Bike lanes have grown but we live in the Midwest with bad weather part of the year and Indy has a lot of hit & run incidents. My preferred method of travel is personal car. I like that I can get up and go wherever when I need/want to. I am in control of my schedule with this method. The key thing Indy needs to work on is fixing its potholes and other 'dips' in the road.  

I think it would be cool if there were covered, protected bike lanes so that we can safely travel year-round in any weather. This could be a system of bike tunnels underground (although I would miss the scenery) or a clear, covered dome that can convey bicyclists all across the city. I would definitely ride my bike more if I felt safer on the roads and did not have to worry about weather. Also, just like we have car parking lots, we should have bike parking lots. I saw this in Sweden years ago and it blew my mind. That way we don't have to worry about where to store our bikes when we are out in about in other parts of town outside of downtown.

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Carla James  Thank you for sharing your transportation challenges and preferences - and some awesome ideas like bike tunnels! I would love to see those on snow days!

It is true that, especially in the Midwest, the personal car is a valuable tool that allows people flexibility in their daily lives and the opportunities they have access to.

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Hey Alexa Borromeo , one of the facilitators here, I also live in Indianapolis and completely get how hard it can be to travel around the city, with or without a car. Do you think the midwest has a distinct set of challenges surrounding access, mobility and connectivity? if so, what are some of the challenges you see?

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I have used our bus system a few times. I've taken it primarily from my neighborhood to downtown. I found it quite convenient. One of the challenges I experience is that it takes me about 30 minutes to walk to the bus stop. Also I'm not comfortable walking when it's dark out. In addition I don't have a comfort level with using bus transfers so I'm only willing to take it if I only need to use one route. Lastly, there is no shelter or place to sit whilst waiting.

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Carla James thank you for your reply! So for you utilizing public transit would be more likely if 1)transfers were easier,or non-existent 2)there was sufficient lighting, and 3)there was covered shelters?

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