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How difficult is it to combine the clear health benefits of cycling in a oversized go-kart. I'm on man, let the design expand.

Since I have a Carpenter for a Dad and I've had many graphic arts classes let me answer that. It's almost as easy as breathing..

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Why should you care? Well for me i want to be healthier! I want to save more money. But to do that a better design has to be made. We can only go a max of 65 in my state. So what use is the engine at having a 210mph speedometer. To me that's useless, unless you want the police to pull you over. Please let me know your feedback.. Thank you.

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Future health machines.


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Robert P Tweed This is an interesting idea, could you expand on how we might develop this concept into an opportunity for communities to engage? What does this look like as a replacement or in addition to bikes and cars?

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An depending on state rules it may be a alternative or replace one or both if needed.

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Well as a simple example we would have a build and test workshop. Some of the parts would be pre-done by myself and others. But anyone with a desire to have an independent way to get to places would join us. Tools would be used and my diagram. Then the unit/ vehicles could be tested. In NJ where i am this is a rule of law: Exempt vehicles from titling and registration:
*Motorized wheelchairs
*Gas buggies
Now combine the cycling benefit of a bicycle in a similar device to the 3 listed. That would add a much needed plateform for independent freedom of travel.