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Help us permanently address potholes on a long term basis

Can we learn from neighboring cities and technology to solve this issue once and for all?

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As a transplant to Indianapolis, one of the most obvious obstacles with changing our city reputation into a young, cool tech city is potholes. From the street I live on to the rear alley, all the way into downtown for work, it’s like dodging land mines. There are other cities in our region who don’t have this problem as well as newer technologies we can invest in as a city, and I would love to see solutions for this. No matter what companies, restaurants, and events we can recruit, it will be damaged by our pothold situation. 

Lastly, if my street had a true sidewalk, and street cleaning, I would be more comfortable walking my dog, and getting to know my neighbors than to load and drive him to a nicer area with sidewalks. If there was a way to divert taxes more locally to fix my own neighborhood, I would be happy to contribute even more.

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@RJ Lee Thank you for sharing and expressing your concerns with potholes and streets in Indianapolis. One of our goals is to address street and public space design in the Challenge and this would be a great area to have your input in as we host Challenge events and seek new ideas.