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Health benefiting cars/ hovercars/ aerial vehicles.

I have never seen a vehicle that allows the driver or occupants to increase their health during their trip.

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Combining a 7-12 speed gear shifting system to electric motors. Would allow for lift-off far easier than using so many propellers.  Or a dual in line or 4 seater that would have a way to make the drive truly fun. Wouldn't it be helpful to allow people to encourage each other to do a short cycle while in their seat? An thus do at minimum 5 things 1: generate electricity. 2: Enhance their daily health. 3: Increase work ethic, by invigorating their body. 4: And increase their Self-esteem/Self-Image

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Hey Robert P Tweed , this is MaCie' one of the facilitators here. Thank you for participating in the challenge! This is a really interesting concept! I am unfamiliar with this how a 7-12 speed gear shifting system works, can you explain this further?Do you think this system could change mobility in indy?