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Getting around on the bus.

I need a walker, and don't own a car. I need to use the bus to get around.

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OK, I don't own a car, I need the bus  to get around.  I live where there's a bus stop right in front of my apartment building which  may sound nice, but it isn't always.  I'm on Meridian, S of 38th,  so busses from 3 different routes stop here.  NONE seem to go within a block of a grocery. This includes a hike across several acres of parking lot,  for a stop by a Walmart or Meijer. Twice a week,  I need to go to Methodist Hospital for a medical procedure. I can get off at 16th & Meridian and hike 2 VERY long blocks to the far side of the hospital from where I need to be,  or I can go to the transit center and catch the w 16th st bus. This triples the distance I travel.  Also the 16th street bus only runs a WHOLE  once an hour outside of  rush hour.  I'd like to go to Circle Center Mall but the nearest stop  for me  is three blocks  away for me,  and I use a walker.  that 3 blocks is just too far a hike, even in good weather.  Yes, I do qualify for the Open Door program,  which will take me to the grocery/mall/wherever door, but it doesn't usually save time. I've had rides where it takes  3 hours to get home instead of 15 minutes, because there' s 3-4 other people to drop off, all over town.  And at least twice, the driver was an hour late picking me up because they couldn't find me at the same place I was dropped off.  One place I'd love to go to is the new IKEA, but not a chance. Busses don't get within miles of the place.  Indygo needs some  more routes, and to run MUCH oftener on many routes, as well as on weekends for some routes. I don't how to manage the Open Door rides to cut down on travel time

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Kevin Kennedy Thanks for the input. Unique experiences like yours can truly be a driver for better ideas in our challenges. If there are some solutions you can think of, feel free to post them. Also, if you're able to make it to a community working session, that would be a great place to develop some ideas to work with these experiences.