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Getting around Indy

Having been a lifelong Indiana resident going to Indianapolis wasn't a place to visit you to visit. The last 20 years that has changed.

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The last 20 years Indianapolis has become more of an urban city you want to visit.  There's so much more to do now that my husband and I made the decision to move downtown.  The highs have definitely been there is more to do as far as restaurants, brew pubs, concerts and overall nightlife.  My husband definitely enjoys the commute time now that he is closer to work.  It's not as big an issue for me as I work from home.  The downside is the amount of traffic and definitely our roads that haven't been able to keep up with the increase in traffic.  Access to highways also need to be addressed as the amount of people moving to downtown has increased.  

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suzanne richter Thank you for sharing your experience living inside and outside of downtown Indianapolis and the change you've seen over the years. Rapidly growing cities are both exciting and challenging when it comes to building mobility and transportation systems that can keep up. We are eager to address this in the Indianapolis Challenge!