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Getting Around

Indianapolis is easy to get around.

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The city should have a historic route that explains the beginnings of the city and its importance in the westward movemont.  Start at the big homes on Hwy 31 and head on into downtown.  

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Hi Robert James , I'm Jasmine one of the online facilitators for this year's challenge. I LOVE this idea! I feel like it gives people from Indianapolis to learn more about where they're from as well as giving tourists a chance to learn more about the city they are visiting. Would the information be provided in physical form in front of each historical site? Or in a more digital form like an app ?

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Good morning Jasmine,
Yes, history is important and should be explained in a quick and easy way. That would mean signs with links for those who want more information. The signs should give enough informationa and maybe a small map.
The app would have more info and links to other sources along with city service--bus lines, tours and maybe fees. People should know the history of the place they are standing.

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