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For A City This Size, Transit Needs Improving

I take the bus to work and back home. A 1-way trip can take anywhere from 2-3 hrs. For a city this size, that is UNACCEPTABLE!

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I walk a little over a mile to the nearest bus stop in the morning and 0.25 mile in the evening to get to the nearest bus stop.  After that, it can take 2 buses to get to work or 3 buses to work if I do not want to walk extra miles between stops.  In the evening it's the same thing.  Can you imagine being on the bus a total of 4-6 hours a day?    This is totally UNACCEPTABLE!  Do you live on the south side and need to get to the northeast side or northwest side?  It's going to be a challenge.  Do you live on the eastside and need to get to 96th Street?  It's going to be a challenge.  I know the bus can't go everywhere, BUT, if you live on a major street or area with a very dense population, you should be able to catch a bus and not walk on streets with dim lighting or narrow sidewalks VERY CLOSE to the street.  Indianapolis needs to do better.  Maybe it doesn't want to.  If you want to be "world-class", you have to do better.

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1-Lack of Service in the area where I live WHICH IS IN MARION COUNTY and 4-6 subdivisions have been built since 1999 yet we still have no service.
2-Lack of shelters where there are stops along 38th street
3-Saftey Issues when walking to and from the nearest bus stop 1 - 1.5 miles away and in some areas there is a lack of lighting along 38th street especially beyond 10000 East.
4-You have to travel to get to good paying jobs but If you have no bus service you can't get to those jobs particularly if they are located on the North side of town.

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