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The city has got to do a better job of making downtown safe for pedestrians and people riding bicycles.

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How do we get enforcement of the blatant disregard by drivers of no turn on red across the Cultural Trail? So dangerous!! It gets exhausting being a pedestrian or riding a bicycle along the trail, which should be a purely enjoyable experience. The signs are worthless. I frequently have drivers shrug and continue on when I point out that they are turning across the trail when I am crossing with the right of way and they are "prohibited" from turning. I know people who have been hit in this exact scenario and I don't want to be next.

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Meredith Jones That is quite shocking, hopefully we can come up with something to solve or amend this issue. Thank you for your input as we're hoping to find issues like these around the city to work with. Is there another city that is more equipped to handle these situations, that you're aware of?