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Effective Mobility is personal at its core. But does more then pretend to give you power. It allows you to see and use that power.

Say you have Cerebral Ataxia or another disability. That could be helped by daily therapy, however that usually costs thousands a year.

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Not any more i say! I want to get healthy and I'm going make a unit that can effectively do so. It will have a custom built body. Like an oversized go-Kart, you can pedal. With 7-12 gearing so it your goinging up a steep hill or down an icy one. You can stay safe. A ridged frame will protect you like the shell of am Armadillo animal. Similar designes have come out, yet none address the needs of the handicapped community. Unless we give up half our savings. Not any more. Come see the future of people getting healthier, not lazier.


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Hey Robert P Tweed this is a really interesting concept. What might this look like in the context of a city's transit network? Thanks.

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It would have a similar place, next to tricycles and motorized wheelchairs. Except now the person would be abl e to get healthier and strengthen their emotional and self-esteem would be able to do so.

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Or this idea could be a scaled down, green car. With a single driver up front and 1-4 rear foldable designed seats. So a slim 5 seater. As long as there isn't a rule prohibiting that. Like having an inline seated Green F1 Roadcar.