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My experience riding the bus in Indianapolis

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My experience in Indianapolis riding the bus for about three years back and forth to work has been good and bad. I feel the majority of the drives are rude and need to learn better customer service techniques, which could make the route or even delays a little more easier  to deal with sometimes. I think if they are late they shouldnt stop and take  additional breaks or talk on their phones and make passengers late more, that is inconsiderate. As far as what areas can be looked at, I believe around 38th street could be more focused on. 

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Hi Rasheba Bridges , Jasmine here! I'm one of the facilitators for the challenge this year. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I just experienced bus delays this morning, and luckily it didn't affect my timing or day too bad, but there have been times. Are you suggesting all of 38th street to be an area of concern? I know with the work being done on Meridian right now it makes that intersection dangerous to navigate in a vehicle and as a pedestrian.

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