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Citizens of Indianapolis held captive by leaders unwilling to invest in future.

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One of the most important things for me is spending time with my family.  The less time I have to spend commuting to work and back means more time I get to spend with my family or hobbies.  I have taken the bus to work sometimes, but cannot take it on a regular basis because it takes me twice as long to get to work.  If I could get to work on public transit in the same amount of time as it takes in a car, then I would take public transit most days.  However, city leadership seems to be content with providing sub-par public transit and being a city that operates substantially on personal vehicles.  As the city continues to grow, this will just put more pressure on roads that are already crowded and not always well maintained.  We had an opportunity to make a significant impact on public transit a couple years ago with talks of putting in light rail.  However, leadership did not have the vision to get this done and instead compromised on investing in improved bus infrastructure.  While I am happy that we will be getting improved bus service, I feel that we missed a grand opportunity to make significant improvements in our public transit.  Other cities like Minneapolis have seen great success by investing in light rail.  I feel that it is just a matter of time before the city makes investment in better public transit, but sadly it will likely be my childrens' generation and not mine who gets this done.  Making improvements in the bus system rather than making more substantial investments in public transit is indicative of how the city and state leadership view public infrastructure.  Too often band aids and small improvements are made rather than having vision to make significant long-term solutions.  I don't want to be too pessimistic, because I do believe significant improvements will be made to public transit in the city eventually.  However, I do believe these improvements will come much later than they should and at a greater cost.  

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Hi Brett Weaver , I'm Jasmine one of the online facilitators for this year's challenge. Thank you so much for your input! I can definitely appreciate a commute that allows more time for to be with family than in traffic. You mentioned that commuting by bus usually takes twice as long as a car commute, what ways do you think would help cut down on that time?