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As a social worker who works with individuals experiencing homelessness, Indy's public transportation system is critical to their survival. We have individuals living in encampments throughout Marion County who cannot sustain employment due to limited transportation and/or system challenges with IndyGo. We have individuals unable to attend doctor appointments because of limited transportation and/or system challenges with IndyGo. So many of our clients rely on public transportation and some have positive experiences but the majority are challenged to obtain and/or sustain positive quality lives due to systemic barriers, including IndyGo. 

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Hey Melissa Burgess , this is MaCie' one of the facilitators here! Thank you for participating in the challenge! Yes, i completely agree with you! What are some of the biggest barriers you've heard from individuals in your line of work to accessing public transit? Additionally, what types of innovative mobility solutions could we provide to fill the void currently in public transit to address the barriers of some of our more vulnerable populations?