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Commuting Car - less in Indianapolis

In the summer I love riding my bike to work. In the winter I take the bus. Both commutes make me feel good, but aren't always easy.

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The bike infrastructure Indianapolis has is great, but there just isn't enough of it. We need more trails and bike lanes. I'm not a true cyclist, I don't go fast. I move at a moderate pace and try not to get sweaty  especially in the summer. When there isn't a "safe" place to ride this sometimes becomes the reason why I don't go certain places. 

In the winter or for long distances I like to take the bus. I enjoy taking it, but if I miss it my day is kind of shot. Most likely I'll be at a minimum a half hour late or more. Indianapolis needs to continue to invest in transit. Dedicated lanes, increased frequency, and more routes are the key to unlocking this green mobility option to more of Indianapolis. 

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Hi Jane Canada it's great you're able to utilize Indy's different transit opportunities! You mentioned better bike access throughout the city. What might that look like to communities that are very car focused? How might we design something that is safe for cyclists and drivers alike?