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Commuter spa

The bus lets me save money and avoid stress.

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After driving from north of Carmel to my job downtown for 4 years and paying $$$$ to park, I figured out I could save 40% on transportation by parking in an office park up north for free and catching the bus most of the way. The total commute takes about 15 minutes longer than if I just drive, but it's SO nice to just sit and not navigate traffic the whole way. I catch up on emails on the ride in, and I listen to podcasts or music on the way home. It's like a mobile spa. I love it. There's also a nice sense of community on the bus. People are awesome.

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Hey Andrea Huisden , this is MaCie' one of the facilitators here! Thank you for participating in the challenge. You have found an amazing way to combine multiple forms of mobility to suit your transportation needs. What are some challenges you face on your daily commutate?

Photo of Andrea Huisden

The main challenge is also the main blessing, and that is not being in control. If the driver is a little early or a little late, I can't control that. However, I'm practicing patience, and I'm also practicing assertiveness (I've chased down the bus a few times when it was early and I was not -- very grateful that the drivers safely pulled over to let me on!).