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I ride the bus to take my grandkids to school and to see family and my high point is arriving on time my lows is walking afterwards to area

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Hey Sherry Neblett , it's Jasmine again :). It sounds like you rely pretty heavily on public transportation to get around. About how much time would you say you spend traveling to and from the stops as well as to get to your destination? Do you consider any other forms of transportation? If not what hinders you from using other options?

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Hi.agin and yes I rely on public transportation to and from my grandkids school cause they don't have busses and for grocery shopping regular shopping and all the above and I also consider other forms of transportation when there are available but mostly it would be from family and they're not always available or I don't have time to wait on others the taxes are too expensive and I'm scared of Lyft or Uber and public transportation is always there

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Sherry Neblett  Thanks for sharing! I use Lyft for trips that aren't easily accessible on the bus line. What would make you feel safer to use those types of transportation?

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Hi....I myself and others are concerned about the driver's using there own car.... maybe if they had company vehicle's with I.D. bandages and camers.and just maybe it may make it more safer to travel with them

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Hey Sherry Neblett , this is MaCie' again, How far is your walk from the bus stop to you destination? Would you consider taking an additional form of mobility from the bus to your location if it was available?

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Hi...I can usually take a 5 to 10 minutes walk to the location.... depending on what bus you need you can usually plan your trip so that you don't have to walk far and or a long way to your location