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Commute to Work

My daily commute is going from home in downtown indy (9th and alabama) to 2900 N shaldeland (our warehouse) and our office on southport rd.

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The easiest part getting down to Southport rd. is getting onto 70e/65s from Delaware street. However, once I'm 65 southbound I seem to run into stalled traffic more times than not. Once the 70 west split hits, it's clear traffic. 

Going to Shadeland from my house is much easier. I veer left to stay on 70e and get off at the Shadeland exit. The issues on shadeland are traffic lights are really quick, it's hard to turn left out of businesses, there's medians which force a right turn, and potholes. 

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Hey @Nate Hummel, this is MaCie one of the facilitators here. I definitely understand the struggle of stalled traffic on the highway, especially heading east. What do you think are some solutions to this problem outside of major infrastructural changes?

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