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Commute from home to IUPUI

What I see and notice on my commute to campus.

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I am a student at IUPUI and I have an hour commute to Indy 3 times a week. I take the same route everyday; I come in on I-74 and take Southeastern to Michigan Ave into campus. I find the worst part of my drive is on Southeastern. Not only are the roads full of potholes, but I find myself noticing the sidewalks, bus stations, and young students walking to school(mainly high schoolers) when sitting in traffic. 

The sidewalks, if there are any,  are mostly beat up and not in great condition. In turn, this affects the kids that walk to school as they either have to walk on the street, which is unsafe due to all the traffic, or cannot use other modes of transportation like bicycles and skateboards because the sidewalks are not adequate for that. Also, I notice along my route that there are many bus stops, due to the signs that are up, but there are no benches, shelters, or even a place to stand for the people waiting. I have noticed that they stand on the sidewalk, but that can quickly cause a little traffic jam for those that are using the sidewalk. 

There is a big difference between this part of my drive and when I get to downtown because downtown has more upkeep and care put into it. I would love to see that care throughout the city.

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Hey Emma Beavers , this is MaCie' one of the facilitators here! Thank you for participating in the challenge! Yes, I agree there is a huge difference between downtown and the neighborhoods surrounding the core of the city! How do you think we can lead these areas to be on par with downtown?Also, what do you think are some innovative ways to make children's commute to school safer, lessen congestion, and better public transit amenities? These are all huge issues facing not only the mobility in Indianapolis, but development and safety?

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