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Communting Issues

Being progressive before bigger issues develop.

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I'm an independent contractor commuting all sides of the city. Indianapolis has outgrown I-465 and now we're connecting 69 on the southwest side of the city.  I-69 and it's federal dollars and state dollars should have facilitated the start of a new by-pass around the city for the redistribution of traffic on I-465.  Another proactive ideal should be in the form of a public rail system in the major thoroughfares like I-69 (that keeps expanding) on northeast side through downtown to Greenwood (that is on the same path as the northeast side), as well as the possibility of a rail system from the  airport area to downtown connecting to the other corridor.  With a public rail system the city could address its parking issues along the various area of the city, especially the the northeast, downtown (currently an issue) and Greenwood areas.  This would also address the air quality issues in the Indianapolis area.   The city constantly seem to be reacting and not getting out front of some of its issues.  We need to be more progressive and address issues now before the become bigger issues later.

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Thanks W B for this insight. This is a broad scope to approach, but its right up the alley of an opportunity for the city to work on. What kind of opportunities do you think this could bring to the city? I'm especially curious about the rail system from the airport to downtown idea.