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Pacers Bikeshare and health benefits

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I ride the Pacers Bike Share to work as my commute choice almost daily.  I decided to ride the Bike Share to a Dermatologist appointment, which is about twice the distance I usually ride.  When I arrived at the University Boulevard and Michigan Street session I became ill.  Turns out I had a heart condition that only became symptomatic when my heart rate was elevated.  I had two heart stents as a result of the discovery.  I firmly believe that providing walk ability and bike path options will improve the health of our fellow citizens and improve the quality of life in our great City.

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Hi Gary, Jasmine here! I'm on of the online facilitators for this year's challenge. First I want to thank you for sharing your story with us, next I'm glad you're ok! And I agree, I believe designated walk and bike paths would encourage more people to chose this healthier option for commuting. Do you think the paths should be limited to high traffic areas such as downtown or available all over the city? Gary Reiter