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Apples & Onions

An apple is sweet and an onion makes you cry. Indy’s transportation has its apples and onions. Let me tell you why.

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Commuting around Indy can be messy. Pothole after pothole, Red Line construction, rush hour... when you’re in a good spot it’s great, but being without a car makes things different. I take the bus. I leave work at 6:00. The last bus home leaves at 7. After my 30 minute walk or 8 minute scooter ride, I’m barely left with any time to get groceries or handle business. I often wonder why it is done so early. It’s wonderful when you have approachable, friendly drivers. But when the buses get packed because they don’t run often enough it’s very uncomfortable. 

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Kamella Wolfork I truly appreciate the metaphor. That perspective of seeing the ups and downs in similar light can really drive opportunity for design. Are there any solutions you see that could provide more 'apples'?