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A question re: bus routes

Hello Indianapolis. Which bus line is frequently used by ADA riders (e.g., along groceries stores, offices, entertainment attractions)?

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We develop a technological solution that helps bus drivers to better serve people with disabilities. We will be happy to hear from the Indianapolis community,  which bus line would be the best fit for piloting our service. The most suitable route will be a bus line that is frequently used by people with disabilities, that includes, for example, grocery stores, business offices, or entertainment attractions along the line. 

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Hey Nirit Glazer , this is MaCie' one of the facilitators here! Thank you for participating in the challenge! I have a friend who is disabled and often complains about accessibility challenges in public transit, so there surely is a need. What exactly is your pilot?

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Hi MaCie', thanks for the question. Feel free to refer your friend to us. my contact information is We will be happy to talk with you and/or your friend/s, and share with you/them more about our innovation.
Briefly, LookingBus is a smart city solution helping public transit better serve riders with disabilities. By utilizing smart sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, LookingBus provides drivers with advanced notifications of riders with disabilities at their upcoming stops. This ensures that drivers can assist the riders as they board the correct bus. Likewise, drivers get a notification when the riders need to get off the bus.

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Thanks MaCie' for your feedback. We will be happy to invite your friend to participate in our pilot. As we mentioned in the application, we plan to involve local people with disabilities from the community. The pilot plan is detailed in the application. Very briefly, we propose to install the system along the red lines of the IndyGo bus system (which are the most popular and busy lines) and to conduct outreach and training activities throughout the duration of the pilot. The pilot will focus on collecting customer satisfaction information from both drivers and riders. The hardware, software, licenses, and service of LookingBus will be provided for free for the duration of the pilot, up to one full year. The pilot funding will only be used for outreach and training activities.