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A Full Shift For A Food Service Worker

What I witnessed while riding the #37 bus on a Sunday brings Indy's needs into real perspective: a lady being able to provide for her family

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While sharing proposed changes to IndyGo's #37 bus frequency and start/end times, a lady burst into tears, almost hugging me, me the bearer of good news!  The lady worked at one of the restaurants in the far, far Northwest corner of the county, but, due to the infrequency of bus service, could only work a partial shift at that job and still get home at night.  With the expanded hours and frequency I shared with her, she felt she would now be able to work a full shift, meaning, as a single parent, she could now support her family without relying on others for assistance!

Mobility is about peoples' lives, family and job access!   That is it in a nutshell!     

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They frequency change was part of the initial steps in implementing the Marion Counrty Transit Plan as mandated by enactment of the 0.25% county option income tax, initially approved by voters via a referendum in 2016......such incremental improvements are being
made about three times yearly until the first of the BRT lines opens in September, at which time IndyGo will implement a total route system restructuring with most routes being upgraded to either 15 or 30 minute frequency and all routes expanding to seven days a week.....the funds will help support a 50% increase in local bus service , plus three BRT rapid transit lines between this Fall and 2022, for an overall 70% increase in service!

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