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Eco-Rides USA Grand Rapids, Free Shuttle Service operating daily to anyone who wants or needs a ride in a designated service area

FREE Daily Service in a designated service area becoming the First Mile Last Mile of the daily commute and with ability to expand rapidly

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Think Free Version of the Bus, Train, Uber, Lyft, Taxi, or Limo minus ever having to give out your personal information or any form of payment information EVER. 

We are the First Mile Last Mile of the daily commute, no matter what your reason for commuting is.  Visiting, Entertaining, working, shopping, eating, or just too tired to walk.  Eco-Rides USA is the only Free Shuttle Service that is scalable for any designated service area, community, Business Improvement District, Partnership, or shopping district.  We operate 7 days a week, 10 hours a day currently, and we are the link in communities where the bus, train or car share's don't connect to, and we do it free.  Each shuttle has 6 seats for car pooling, we are 100% electric and eco-friendly, we are built by a four wheeler and snowmobile manufacturer for all seasons and all weather, and we can go 150 miles on a full charge without disruption of service.  We track every trip, every mile, every passenger to show where they to, where they went, and where the existing public transportation doesn't get them and happily provide those analytics back the the city our county for their meetings if needed.  Our drivers are not contractors, they are full time employee's of the company so WE PROVIDE JOBS, and we drug test and background check all drivers and employee's for safety and security for all our riders. 

Here's a little bit of what we do in Denver, Colorado when we started one year ago with 2 carts, currently have 6 in operation and have 12 more being delivered October 4th, so if you ask if it works, you can ask the 25,000 passengers we give rides to a month or simply visit Denver for a Free Ride. 

Eco-Rides USA is Denver’s (But Lets Make it Grand Rapids now) first FREE shuttle service.

Eco-Rides USA carts use Lithium ION 12.4kw batteries to provide the service area with an eco-friendlier environment, an alternative to gas powered vehicles. Our company slogan “ECO For FREE”, or "ECO Where You Go"! Is our core value and has been strategically designed to serve the community and our business objectives and goals.

Much like our service, our business model is unique and creative in that all funds for the FREE ride service are generated by partnerships, sponsorships and providing local and national sponsors a creative advertising opportunity to display their company and services. By combining multi-platform marketing and branding with our free ride program within this community, we can influence on the go consumers and provide maximum exposure in hard to reach areas within a designated service area.

Our vehicle’s all have a modern stylish design and high-quality safety features to provide for a comfortable and safe commute. For advertising space our vehicles have high profile “Exterior” regions for creative static signage wrap ads and “Interior” interactive digital display TV’s that provide rich media videos for riders to view and learn about events, activates and all that the community provides. This creative and unique advertising service demands the attention of people riding in our Eco-Rides carts, walking down the street or riding in other automobiles passing by.

Eco-Rides advertising wraps and digital displays TV’s penetrate through different media formats to reach various types of people. Similar to taxi’s, busses and bus shelter ads, Eco-Rides ads are highly visible to all people in the area, and for all demographics because we operated in a diverse area of businesses, people, and most importantly positive and daily ongoing activity.

Our target customers are everyone in the community, enjoying the community, visiting the community, doing business or working in the community, residents in the community and especially those needing a Free Ride in the community.

Eco-Rides USA is the new revolutionary transportation service that provides a clean, safe and fun way to move from place to place in the neighborhood or designated service area, and truly is a 100% “ECO for FREE” Ride.

Eco-Rides USA will operate from 9am to 8pm seven days a week from Union Station to Lincoln and from 20th St to 14th St in the downtown Denver Community, and this will include The Downtown Denver Partnership as well.

Each cart is also equipped with exterior cameras, not just for the safety of Eco-Rides passengers but also to add a new level of security to the community.

Our Carts will have a interior camera staged for safety and selfies so don’t forget to like us on social media and #EcoRidesUSA.

Our carts are equipped with a Driver monitor that tracks trips, and passengers, which create and expand in the current efforts in the community to create a carbon footprint and can provide feedback and analytics to the city or other departments of government to show traffic patterns, hot spots, and where people are traveling to all the while being free. 

Go Green and Go Eco-Rides USA

  • If only 500 people per day use Eco-Rides USA to ride 2 miles a

day (JUST 2 MILES), our air will save 14,600 grams of carbon monoxide and 2,200 grams of hydrocarbon pollution.  Those numbers based off a full year are mind blowing.  That’s 182,500 people, 365,000 Miles 5,329,000 grams of carbon monoxide, and 803,000 grams of hydrocarbon pollution. 

  • Per mile driven via automobile, 73 grams of carbon monoxide and 11 grams of

Hydrocarbon-monoxides are released as pollutants into the air.

  • The population of Denver Metro is approximately 3 million people.
  • If  5% of that population can take an Eco-Ride by 2022 instead of using a car for just 2 miles a day, imagine the impact on the quality of our air, not to mention the quality of life by breathing the clean air.

Opportunity To Lead

Grand Rapids has the unique opportunity to be the second U.S. City to launch a full-scale FREE public Shuttle system for a designated service area within your great city:

  • Eco-Rides USA is a green, healthy solution that will improve streetscapes and showcase a city where great ideas come to life!
  • Grand Rapids has made, and continues to make, great strides to improve infrastructure for a safe public transportation.  Eco-Rides USA will increase the consistency for Free Transportation – and pedestrian-friendly development.
  • Private corporations will make cash and in-kind contributions to fund over half of the total cost of the system with advertising, marketing, designated stops at their place of business or through sponsorships.
  • Eco-Rides USA is a strong candidate for local, county, state, and federal funding through the Green Transportation Initiatives.  It will have an immediate impact on Public transportation and will demonstrate how U.S. cities can create sustainable systems.
  • By embarking on a bold and innovative approach to changing mode share, Pittsburgh is more likely to see new federal funds for more Pedestrian, Bicycling, and Shuttle infrastructure projects in the future.
  • Equipment and maintenance vendors are motivated and ready to install a superior system in 2019 to continue the U.S. market that will include increased electric car charging stations due to the Eco-Friendly, Electric, Green, Free system, ride share, bike share, including the current public transportation infrastructure.
  • Citizens, businesses, travelers and convention goers want green, healthy solutions now.
  • Eco-Rides is safe, street legal, and require to be licensed and registered by state and local agencies including DMV, City, County, State, Public Utilities Commission, and the Transportation Authority
  • Other cities are seeing small start up (one man operations) coming to life in their downtown areas that are not safe, no seat-belts, no capacity structure, and are not 100% electric and Eco-Friendly which is 100% against Eco-Rides USA’s business model.  We've done it right and we're doing what no one else is doing.

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Our target customers are EVERYONE in the community, enjoying the community, doing business in the community and especially those needing a Free Ride in the community. We are the First Mile Last Mile in any community or designated service area for whatever your commuting reasons may be.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Ready to Scale - you have completed and expanded your pilot and are seeing adoption of your solution by your intended user

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

We have 6 full time employee's in our Denver Market with a pool of 50 drivers that average 20 to 25 hours a week in driving. Our Management consists of 4 executive level professionals with 40 years combined experience in Marketing, Sales, Membership and Acquisition, staffing and compliance, as well as transportation and logistics. Our website is

Size of your team or organization

  • 51-250

Funding Request

  • $100,000

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

The majority of our start up funding goes to our vehicles, software, tv displays, gps tracking, and interactive mapping so potential riders can see where the carts are whether on a designated route or our on demand service. Our sole source of revenue is based off advertising. We generally have a 4 to 6 month sales cycle to become profitable and sustainable. We sell advertising to local businesses within our designated service area to drive business to each property and keep people in the designated service area spending their money. We offer 15, 30, and 60 second digital ads on our interior digital displays and offer partial, half and full vehicle wraps on the exterior of the carts which makes the company sustainable and funds future carts for expansion and to scale with the ridership. We do not sell advertising to Political, Religion, Tobacco, Marijuana, or Alcohol companies or organizations. We intend to utilize our own and contributed funds to make an economic impact in Grand Rapids

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

We measure our success on ridership daily, weekly, monthly, etc. The more rides the more carts we bring in. The more people in the carts the more companies want to buy advertising. We also provide feedback to each merchant due to the software in each cart, with how many people we pick up at your business, how many people we drop off, how may times a cart passes in front of your business, and even how many people where in the shuttles when your ad was running. We also measure our success off our partners, businesses, community, city, county as well as the combined effort of social media and other marketing outlets. We would intend to Pilot the project with 2-4 carts, 2 - 4 full time employee's and 30 to 50 drivers adding jobs to the community, as well as securing an office and warehouse within the community to have a home base in the community we serve.

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