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Smart & Safe Traffic Solutions for Schools- PikMyKid

Provides schools around the world with innovative technology-driven solutions for Traffic Mitigation, Community Engagement & Student Safety.

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In light of the proven impact, we bring to the local traffic in school neighborhoods, Florida Department of Transportation along with TBARTA ( TampaBay Area Regional Transportation Authority)has instituted a 3 year, $120K grant to help pay for the license fee for schools in urban cores with traffic congestion issues. They also like the fact that PikMyKid also helps in these three specific areas and improves the quality of life for their communities:

1- Encourages carpooling by proactively suggesting carpooling options to parents living in the same community with children going to the same schools, by matching routing patterns over time.

2-PikMyKid parent app provides suggested times to leave home to pick up your child so that they spend the least amount of time in pick up lines. This avoids the pile-up of traffic around schools around pick up and drop off times.

3-Parents at PikMyKid schools have reported they are more comfortable to let their children walk home unescorted because the PikMyKid system triggers an automated push notification to their phone the moment their child leaves the school campus.

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Before the world with School Dismissal Softwares, Pat, Founder of PikMyKid, spent hours of his time waiting in car pick-up lines at his daughter’s school wondering why the school dismissal process is so broken. He quickly learned that the school dismissal process is inefficient, unsafe, and very costly to schools. What’s worse is that, in today’s digitally-driven world, the only technology schools use to manage this process are megaphones & walkie-talkies.

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Our annual cost for a pilot at one school is $3500. Depending on the funding options available, we can pilot as many schools as financially feasible with up to 30 schools covered for $100,000 for the entire year. After the pilot projects, the schools and school districts take over the annual license fee for the product due to the proven efficacy and enhancement to the safety in their communities.

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We would measure success under the following categories: - Improvement in school dismissal traffic -Reduction in wait time in carlines during pick up times -Carpooling enabled to actively reduce the number of cars on the road -Safety improvement at schools -Community engagement on the platform and their positive feedback


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Hi Saravana, my name is Mindi and I'm also a semi-finalist for the Grand Rapids challenge, Congratulations! This is a wonderful idea and I can see how my home city of Chicago could greatly benefit from a solution like this. What is the scaleability of your project? Have you found successes in larger markets? For instance some Chicagoland residents don't have a car, how does your approach take into account security measures for parents who might not have a car or someone who could pose as a family friend picking up a child that wasn't theirs? Excited to see where your idea takes you and best of luck!

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