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Sculptural dwellings - Habitable sculptures Development and unlimited growth of the city without effects on the quality of life of citizens

TH-Concept is a technology to build quickly and without limits, any required form occupying all the spaces reaching all personal requirement

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Go for our dreams transforming the city.

This proposal includes all types and forms of solution to the origin of the problem within the housing, because the origin of the problem are we and the result is reflected in the mobility of all. The reasons for our mobility are work, school children, food etc. to pay debts and bills of energy and subsistence, in addition to transport among others, is it true or not?, well if you solve all those needs at home you stop being the problem because you are part of the solution from its essence, for that you need to adapt your place of life to the solution of the problem in any way, we must accept that we are all a very different universe and we deserve a specific solution, now it is possible thanks to our contribution. 

If all the people around you begin to be part of the solution, in this way the growth and development of the city would be unlimited, whereas now the problem grows and the development is limited because the origin of the problem, You yourself, not yet It is part of the solution but of the essence of the problem. 

This proposal includes all the other solutions here proposals, but it takes them to a situation of normality, not emergency, as we can see in the world. the personal motives of mobility must change and our quality of life must improve, this is the challenge of the city of tomorrow, to development of the city, development of people is quality of life.

Today, obesity and mobility are an epidemic where everything is solved with Architecture.

Results in this study support the association between features of the built environment and obesity prevalence. Neighborhood-level interventions to encourage physical activity and increase access to healthy food outlets could be combined with individual-level interventions to  aid incurbing the obesity epidemic. 

This study clearly demonstrates the relation ship between architecture, obesity and mobility.

Architecture has always been the indicator of anew society ...


There are two reasons why there is a positive andunlimited impact on mobility with TH-concept, but more importantly there is an impact on the growth and development of cities unlimitedly, which is the true objective. The reasons for congestion and immobility are founding by having inconvenient habits to meet our needs of all kinds to grow and develop, such as study, work, security, food, etc.
If on the one hand the mobility decreases because we have satisfied our basic needs to transcendental at home, changing the habit of leaving our place to get them, but we must also be realistic and accept that each of us meets their needs differently! , and on the other hand, adapt the city and all transport to our random and natural solution in any practical and real condition. If we can then build without difficulty and at reasonable cost anyway avoiding having to adapt to the square, we have achieved complete satisfaction! Satisfying us easily compared to the difficulties we have today with the square shapes that now exist in absolutely everything, from houses and buildings to our infrastructure such as streets and other transport routes and networks of all kinds, thus optimizing the use of the entire city because the forms are not a limit for people, the city or its means of transport.
TH-concept can build and design any form exclusively for each person or transport and its exclusive need with the same standard system, solving the lives and mobility systems (among others) of all cities without limits of growth and development.
Mobility is a reflection product of the limited ways that we solve life. The square is only one of the ways to build a partial solution (conditioned) within the infinite and different needs  existing in this universe.
The universe is infinite and our needs to solve also; we can achieve  it only if we can build the unlimited forms that can be an exclusive and unique solution, but also in a standard system, industrialized way. This solution is the possibility that we had never thought existed and is now available by combining the easy with the simple, with the same standard system, TH-concept.
So far we have developed life from a single form and in passing all natural resources fleeced to achieve an unreal dream that ended up stopping our longing, grow and develop unlimitedly from one (only one)limited and limiting idea imagining that the natural resources are unlimited ...
Let's be realistic ask for impossible if we can build without limits!

Sometimes it is very easy to have a good idea of how to solve a problem, here we simply need to have to break with the limits of our way of life, because to grow in this way is impossible, we will only achieve saturation in an inconvenient way.
Henry Ford managed to increase the versatility and speed of a self-propelled vehicle with the conviction that consumerism was the key to peace, and he succeeded. It was the only way to grow that we knew and needed to go further in the transport with animals and to grow with freedom and unlimited consumption.
Today we are consuming ourselves because growth has only had one form, however, there are infinite forms that we expect to build from self-consumption, the limits that we will have to overcome in the future are our own limits within all existing needs without altering the environment from every point of view, from the resources to our personal balance, this is to grow and develop without limits without contaminating. Including all forms, evolving. 

This is our proposal. the idea and the way to achieve it.

This study is eloquent and directlylinks consumerism with the hierarchy of needs of the proposed Maslow scale, inaddition to the development and growth of cities that today are congested withinconvenient habits and their effects on mobility inside and outside the city.

Some of them are:

Conclusions andsuggested interventions

“The problems ofover-consumption are not merely environmental, but in the form of modernconsumerist cultures they undermine human wellbeing and hamper human developmentin two principal ways: 

- The use ofconsumption as a false satisfier for fundamental human needs such as identityand affiliation results in harm to consumers’ own wellbeing. - Theinstitutionalisation of relations of domination between ‘sovereign consumers’and increasingly remote producers who are devalued and mis-recognised. 

The latter has notbeen discussed in depth here as we anticipate it will be a focus of subsequentwork on economic models. Taken together, however, these problems mean that evenperfect measures to eliminate the environmental impacts of consumption wouldnot deliver wellbeing for all. On the other hand, even if the two wellbeingproblems of consumerism were solved, the environmental impact of remainingconsumption might still be excessive – eco-efficiency measures would still berequired. 

Consumption has becomea false satisfier as a result of economic, social and cultural processes thathave destabilised previous sources of human identity. Such disruption has hadincredible benefits for human wellbeing, not just downsides, notably infacilitating struggles against discrimination by women, and significantminorities, most recently seen in the strong assertion of gay and lesbianidentities and rights in many countries. Not all conventional forms of identityare restrictive and harmful, but we should not overlook the importance ofdisruption in enabling human development and progress in these respects. Ratherthan looking backwards, we see more value in looking forwards to new forms ofidentity affirmation that are not subject to the downsides of consumerism.However, some of the sources of disruption to conventional identities arethemselves directly harmful to human wellbeing, as well as creating stresseswhich increase the risk that people will be seduced by addictive consumerism.Interventions to address issues such as insecurity of employment and welfare systemswill be necessary also.  “

In our opinion, the problem is not mobility, but rather the needs of all kinds of the citizen that lead us to this apparent need, mobility therefore is for us a reflection of the user's real needs. These original needs are it joined externally and internally to the home and to measure and graph the origin of the problem we have classified them according to the needs of Maslow relating them and in contrast to the mobility to the habits of life inside and outside the home of people.

TH- Concept solves the relationship between the housing and our habits considering our time and needs from the engineering and architecture. How it affects the mobility completely. To city concentration (regulated) and rural dispersion conditions.

The following table shows the place where people are join to day their needs hierarchies according to Maslow pyramid.

This aspect added to the right side with emphasis who each city gives to his needs proposal summary for each of these.







* - ** - ***


Privately owned family

Health Resources jobs


*- ** - ***










Spontaneity lack of prejudice
Acceptance of the facts



* - ***

*Pittsburgh ­­-**Miami -***Grand Rapids

We think If all the needs or most of these are solved IN THE PLACE OF RESIDENCE, then a different and exclusive dwelling is required for each user, a total household (TH) or TOTAL HABITATSHIP, then the life outside of dwellings would also be altered, reflecting in mobility and time availability between other variables at the surface level.
The reflection then occurs when waking up every morning without thinking before acting, why do we get up.

The answer is because we have unsatisfied needs and longings to carry out, if these are pending, the time is essential, so then, to get up! At that moment, from all needs the only ones bother us are the basic ones, cataloged as physiological and safety. Nevertheless, the needs that never lose their attention are those of self-realization; “a new day is a first ray of light. It is a new melody that will fill us with joy, to enjoy a new poetry that fills us with energy…”

Mobility has relation to the distance and time that we require to achieve our needs and longings, answer and achieving them in the dwelling place involves optimize our time' and dedication to activities that give us satisfaction.

The solution.

A constructive system TH-concept who allow through engineering , architecture, design and build any form and species freely who in this case applies to all types of housing construction, corporate or infrastructure with only eight pieces with the form and structure ideal 100% earthquake and wind resistant.

The fact of achieving all from so few pieces standard avoids having limitless production lines with unlimited solution designs and it is possible to have a permanent stock that is available for when the solution must be implemented in the short term.

This basic difference, a total freedom, to relation to current standard manufacturing and traditional housing solutions who is limited to build some repetitive designs and high-cost factories where everyone must adapt to a shape the square.

The fact, that you don't have limits of form and therefore implementation and given their technical characteristics, means a strong argument in front of the square or cube identified as only one of the infinite forms existing in the universe.

TH-concept designs and manufactures the infinite forms including the square or cube, deriving accordingly in order to meet the entire hierarchy of human needs of Maslow.

The solution proposed is compatible with applications of renewable energy generation household applicable to all kinds of vehicles personal use as Monowheels electric scooters and bikes. Also, be integrated in this way to massive systems as Skytran and massive individual group as is the case with Hyperloop and Land Airbus, creating a virtuous network sorting order to reasonable cost of the growth and development of cities.

The following table lists different means of transport "at home" and external with necessary infrastructure need and its size.


Type of transport
Human traction
Electrical Wiring
Magnetic Fields
Other energies

Transportable Personal
Energy at home

* Bike
Flyboard air
* Trikee
* Segway
*Super 73 Electric Motorcycle
Electric Bike URBE
*Electric Scooter *bel&bel
**Plane Aston Martin
** Plane Icon A5

Personal mass


Group mass

**Land Airbus
**SC MagLev
**Underground Transportation

 * Requires additional infrastructure slight  **Requires a great deal of additional infrastructure

Maslow pyramid

Solution technical aspects

- A solution where it is not infrastructure required, but existing habits decongests changing and improving quality of life.

- No state investing, as not subsidizes because private invest in the property.

- Healthy diet with vegetables produced in house with vertical gardens.

- Energy generated at home, selling surplus.

- Exclusive spaces of each inhabitant where ego tune.

- Easy to expand or reduce, but at the same time a solid housing.

- Earthquake and Wind resistant.

- Can be adapted to land and latitude you want designing before manufacturing.

- Fast Construction.

- Everything must be possible, the horizon is infinite, the destiny is not focal point.

- Ideal ambient for means of transport expeditious personal and individual providing the space today available cleaning the mobility of the paths automobiles.


New applications for housing with recovery of private and state structures installed and obsolete as buildings from main body reusing structures with exclusive departments as be requested to tinyhouses, tiny-apartments or officehomes, as well as float-houses on the banks of the city, among other limitless solutions.

It is also possible to reconsider the use of land devalued as cliffs, rooftops of buildings, complex spaces or between buildings, bridges and existing infrastructure, coast of playa lakes and rivers such as swamps and forests, etc. Are applicable with total freedom of style, utilities and sizes, in order to sharing the urban floor or aerial connection between its, for example, is possible to create total neighborhoods buildings and infrastructure it with collective solutions indispensable as TH-vertical farms of neighborhoods. In addition individual solutions and exclusive that make a stain (at the level of floor) or clouds urban housing (overhead). Collective bargaining where exchanged and distributed according to the case from a Total Habitat Ship that integrates all the necessary for their members within the household surplus personal vertical gardens or life forms related to the independent livelihoods as new associated services.

Commercial or self-sustaining architecture Housing and Habitational developments with an architecture full of art from architects from all over the world, exchanging in turn with the entire local infrastructure selling surplus energy, with personal and independent interconnected transport (TOTAL SMART GRID) to massive systems conveniently avoiding failures and sustenance for massive urban supplies of all kinds. Reducing in consequence the need for mobility (solving) and several other personal needs that are now far, out home away-satisfied high price outside the home, increasing the security and quality of life and state investment for subsidies without return optimized.

In these Stain or Cloud neighborhoods it is possible a profuse use of individual and personal vehicles with autonomy 100 km, almost without infrastructure and in the short term, with access to everything including roads with another type of mass type individual mobility (which are interlaced between neighborhoods), underground or faster and more expeditious of the massive group type. (See videos above) that we can also participate designing and building.
The way of constructing TH-concept is independent of the result required, infinite forms and a single objective: the unlimited growth of all with TOTAL solutions, increasing in turn the quality of life of each individual. May be is an integrated aspects are not realized now with the way to solve and currently build the personal spaces of each individual involving effects to the city. 

                                                                     TH-concept then is a paradigm.

TH-concept builds everything that be designed, its features troubleshooting techniques such as speed of design and construction, the installation is made in half the time of a conventional solution.

Is accomplished in a massive way but not repetitive possibility, achieving a unique solution and unique to each user in each case application, with a system of manufacture of only eight pieces which implies same time a cost equal to or less than traditional solutions all equal or similar.

                  TH-concept builds without beams or columns and is absolute Tectonism.

Finally, you can be built and install by people of low or no instruction in the field of construction; everything is done and resolved in the design and manufacture.

Sculptural dwellings

                  Habitable Sculptures

Questions Resolved by TH-concept

How to use all the places with forms adaptable to new and old land or buildings in order to create new ways of life and transport.

How to perform and join people at the place they have chosen to live. Solving the whole scale of human needs, from basic needs to the transcendental of the scale of Maslow, all within an exclusive but inclusive space according to each inhabitant and city context.

How to create shapes and spaces without limits beyond the rectangle. Escape the entropic mind.

How to build and create new spaces without excluding forgotten spaces or not considered already built.

That the where and how to build will not be a barrier to achieve an exact solution, i.e. a user free to live where and how you want to be, identifying with the exclusive way who particularly have, but technically solved.

Achieve all of the above a minimum cost regardless of the complexities of design and manufacture.

Apparent solutions to face to mobility requirements.

Move better and new routes.

Moving faster.

At the present, more population is associate higher mobility volume.

What is the purpose persons to mobilize; are different in every city?

Moving less with more near solutions opportunity (frequency and distance) if it is a solution that projects the cities without limits.


The source of the problem

Abuse of Mobility.

Number of cars, a vehicle (diesel) that is lagging behind in a natural way and will must rethink its design compared to individual or personal and personal mass transport above, by having a relationship size of the vehicle/ versus utility or size/ deficient with respect to the number of occupants who routinely use it.

We are trapped in a cube where the only thing that has an asymptote that tends to infinity is the Neperian logarithm who is applied to the bank interest rate on values and limited resources in infinite deterioration, which do not escape this absolutely finite rectangle; an entropic mind. The true infinity lies in getting out of the square towards the unlimited forms existing in the universe; each being is a universe to discovery constantly.



Living without mobility and be happy with your time and activities is achieved in a beautiful place

To cover the needs all, necessarily his condition is making a beautiful form, with art.

Time is not money and satiety, is art and abundance.

"Everything that extends in a straight line lies. All truth is curved, and time is a circle. "(Nietzsche, 1883)

The idea that it intends to Pilot is 

To build a dwelling type Tiny office-home resistant to winds and earthquakes and great architecture of high-end style that manages to adapt to all desirable variables with high standard household utility. You will fund try a way of life with an emphasis on self-sustenance food, energy and Smart condition with individual transport in a neighborhood suitable for entrepreneurship and a site that will mean a challenge as a roofs or between buildings already established or case abandoned without use and available. It is desirable to find acceptance of neighbors doing promotion to form a surface and air district in the sector, considering a sector with factor of high concentration of buildings in an urban area.

Building a small vegetarian vegan restaurant where is possible promotes the construction and TH-concept, with food produced (vertical garden) in situ and a way of life sustaining in energy, mobility in Smart condition and emotional stability among other possible. It is also important to demonstrate the assurance against the wind and earthquakes, for example, by using the roof or ground of known expansion of seismic waves or similar sites, as well as the use of renewable energies and contemplative sporting activity.

To Build a roof deck to support local collective solar panels supplying or buildings on a place transformed into a place of expansion for yoga, community food gardening, urban farming using rain water, place of contemplation of sunrise and sunset, all united in a smart local network full of architecture and personal style and with absolutely freedom.

A longitudinal underground space along the street. Allowing release the street with its pedestrian access were has built a underground to bicycle, scooter and motorcycles parking with a parallel and complementary area in the same longitudinal direction for waiting for buses and/or restaurant fast with orchards or vertical gardens, with immediate access to raising or lowering of buses, all with air conditioning and/or heating. More solar energy service. Etc. your imagination is without limits.

In general, a friendly design and free form replicable considering ways variables in roofs, beaches, media stories, Border Rivers and lakes in all the cities of the world. The variety of needs of each city is unimaginable and each municipality is the most appropriate to indicate the most suitable from a possibility without limits available.

End Reflections on the objective

The objective apparently then it is mobility. But this is a reflection of the need for a being called City, this being longs to grow and has an inadequate form to do so have habits that are not directed to growth, but it has a continuous tendency to stagnation and saturation, the goal then is to grow and from the point of view of the needs hierarchies. Remember whom we only need never lose the attention to transcend; in addition, we need, may be the most important would be love to reflect, giving and sharing our desires, our ideals.

International view

As well as the subject of discussion, whether we like it or not, it becomes essential for the understanding of the center, to understand that the basic needs may not be the goal of each person when we wake up to each morning. According to our opinion although also giving to our nature we cannot forget them, it is the first thing we satisfy in the morning and then go for our desires without hesitating in the final purpose we have, what we see as transcendental. Paradoxically the person who does not have a purpose in life, goes out looking for it without direction, often uselessly without satisfy his basic needs.

The discussion then becomes a question of the need to grow, which is development?. Grow to obtain quality of life, but… it's quality of life?

Within the scale of needs or hierarchies, people have their personal purposes and each one considers higher within this pyramid, a position that is consequently within that hierarchy could also could be they considered if the person is more or less developed, but the basic needs are impossible to evade, so it is also with the city or country. Nevertheless, all needs that today conceded out outside our space, city or country can be it perfectly reached by ourselves in our home in such a way that we can achieve our goals and obviously according it to our nature, seek greater satisfaction and go naturally after to our transcendental goals.

If to go further, that is, to develop and grow, is to obtain a better quality of life (quality, not quantity), the question that appears is that it is quality of life, is perhaps economic wealth or abundance?. Abundance is all our needs and longings fulfilled, is satisfy all our needs abundantly and obtain transcendence to ourselves? This is bliss, and is it achieved in the highest part of the pyramid, the other basic needs apparently only cast a balance of happiness pilgrim, but they are inexorable.

Is quality life is to have more or be more, no matter, where we have our attention?. On the other hand, what is the position where we are within the hierarchy of needs?.

This reality we are building it now, we have transcended as a species from our basic needs to the satisfaction of the essence of being, a new city, creating spaces in our life according to our transitory way of being to transcend, creating in your dwelling place that was the former space but now is his refuge of the soul.

Mobility, health, and time sometimes becomes a problem, we don't have satisfaction, Sometimes our quality of life is inadequate because we have a inconvenience or not transcendental habits, not by having more…mobility and time… in this divine play called life.


Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

The solution applies to all types of people regardless of their condition and usefulness, to all their needs, don’ have design limit, quality of installation materials build, the place of location with respect to the terrain and climate isn’t matter. It solution can be applied in water, floating, shores of sea and lakes; also, it is applied in roofs, between floors or buildings already built. It is possible to create and install solutions in conditions without gravity, as well as in all types of environments. Inside or outside cities adapting to any size, utility or application. Constructs 100% earthquake and wind resistant, adapted to the way of be peoples and all their human needs from the point of view of Maslow's Pyramid. Each solution are analyzed in the context of the place and its mobility relative to the hierarchy of user needs a Cradle-to-Cradle design search from personal needs to its global effects on the environment. A solution venustas utilitas and firmitas to global needs

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Initial Design - you are still exploring the idea and have not tested it with users
  • Prototype - you have built a prototype and tested it with potential users
  • Pilot - you have implemented your solution in a real-world scenario
  • Ready to Scale - you have completed and expanded your pilot and are seeing adoption of your solution by your intended user

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

Developer Engineer Architect design and planning in the USA Development and design engineer Graphic design Person accounting area Patent office Agreement with local university equipment for technology maturation. Agreement and development contracts in architecture and applications between local University, Municipality and TH-Concept in Chile.

Size of your team or organization

  • 2-10

Funding Request

  • $100,000

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

Tiny office-home resistant to winds and earthquakes and great architecture of high-end style, which manages to adapt to all desirable variables with high standard home utility, where to try a way of life with emphasis on self-support with vertical garden, energy and Smart condition with individual transport. A small high-end vegetarian restaurant - Use rooftop to support local solar generation and others. A friendly design that astonishes, freely considering variable forms in roofs, beaches, rivers or lakes edge in all the cities of the world The variety city of approaches is unimaginable and the municipality is the most suitable to indicate the appropriate from an unlimited possibility available. Show capacity and versatility of Concept that together with a digital marketing and a business model must achieve global expansion to short term Plans of visits pilot to the sites inhabited. Live internet tracking and capture clients, artists, architects and builders. Integration community

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

Inviting globally all artists, architects, designers, builders and clients of the world to create a new reality without limits in their own places, the manufacturing and design system allows centralizing sales /contact of solutions at short time. Web page Surviving in situ a people with minimum cost, but with all the needs covered in the pilot with vegetarian habits and capacity already tested in similar conditions with total success and low cost (US$ 1500 year or less). Measurement variables of interest, frequency of travel and distance in Km mobility carried out on foot, Monowheel or similar, amount energy generated/ consumed, number of visits to place and by Web. Develop a database of solutions related to challenges of urban, rural to extreme sustainability applicable with technology and design associated with emphasis on USA and origin area professionals and new customers globally. Digital marketing analysis. Measure and compare similar case with traditional lifestyle parameters

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The Progress of Geometry as Design Resource.pdf

History and how the future is resolved. "The city of tomorrow and its planning", "Geometry is the base", from Le Corbusier to Patrik Schumacher, London 2018, The Progress of Geometry as Design Resource. TH-concept solves the future in all scales of application in a standard way.


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Photo of Th Concept

History and how the future is resolved.

"The city of tomorrow and its planning", "Geometry is the base", from Le Corbusier to Patrik Schumacher, London 2018, The Progress of Geometry as Design Resource

TH-concept solves the future in all scales of application in a standard way.

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