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Parking made easy. Rent out your driveway - it's like the AirBnB for parking - all powered through our blockchain & chatbot technology.

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ParkNSpotz offers an online chat-bot, hosted on major online messaging apps such as Facebook messenger and WhatsApp, where we connect people looking for parking with people who have parking to offer. Hence our slogan,

"Save time when you need it. Earn cash when you want it."

Essentially, anyone who has an unused driveway can rent it out to a person who is looking for parking.

ParkNSpotz analyzed the problem that there are not enough parking spaces in certain areas. However, there might be enough unused parking opportunities where homeowners could potentially rent out their space for anyone who would otherwise keep circling the block to find street parking. 

It is our vision that we can offer a solution to this problem, by giving home-/business owners the option to list their unused driveway on our web/app platform; powered through our blockchain & chatbot technology the transactions will be fast and highly secure. 

Cities are making millions of dollars every year due to parking violation citations. The numbers are growing and with more people moving to the cities the parking issue will just become more prominent. The jungle of parking signs is sometimes hard to understand, and people get confused, leading often to unexpected parking violations. We have learned that some cities get paid by private parking violation agencies to oversee the administration of parking violations - why? Because it is a money-making machine. 

Our goal is to give people more options when it comes to parking, with a long-term vision to offer value added services such as electric charging stations operated by homeowners. Surveys have shown that someone might spend up to 13-32 min (during peak times) on average looking for parking which is also the cause for increased traffic and emissions. We at ParkNSpotz want to change that.

Beyond the service of providing parking solutions ParkNSpotz wants to establish itself as part of a total transportation service solution provider ecosystem; initially we will kick this off by providing an easy tool for anyone who is looking for parking, and for anyone who wants to make some extra cash with their unused driveway. Our advantage will come of the technology that we use to build our platform on, using blockchain & chatbot technology. Through these technologies we will open the doors to value added services, such as giving the provider the option to offer power supply for electrical vehicles.

Additional Information:

The parking industry is a multi billion dollar industry in the US; however, so is the parking violation enforcement industry. Very often, do drivers find themselves in some sort of a parking sign jungle - signs are just confusing, and at times the "no parking" area is not very well marked either. Especially when you are short on time, some drivers feel the frustration of not finding parking and take their chances by parking curb side. Numbers show that there are many drivers out there who take the risk. For example, our data has shown that in Atlanta alone there were ~240,000 parking tickets (2014) which amounted in a total revenue of $20,000,000 for the city, it's jurisdiction services and any other service providers involved. Our goal at ParkNSpotz is to help drivers who do not want to keep paying for these parking violation tickets. If we estimate to turnover about 5% of parking tickets to a successful transaction on the ParkNSpotz platform, we could get about 12,000 transactions in Atlanta alone/per year for ParkNSpotz. Ticket violation numbers for other US cities were even higher: New York (2013): 6,000,000 San Francisco (2015): 1,300,000 Los Angeles (2017): 2,500,000

Additional interesting parking information about Grand Rapids:

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

The ParkNSpotz' chat-bot will be used by anyone who wants to have a hassle-free parking experience, the peace of mind knowing that the car is parked at a safe location and for anyone who wants to offer their unused driveway to make some extra cash. Our team at ParkNSpotz predicts a higher density of service utilization in areas around parks and event venues combined with adjacent residential areas. Therefore, the pilot should also be focused around such areas.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Initial Design - you are still exploring the idea and have not tested it with users

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

Founded by two engineers from Georgia Tech with the vision to improve the overall parking experience in cities. By helping each other people can find a parking spot more quickly, generate some extra cash for the driveway providers, and reduce the higher emissions generated during inefficient parking efforts. Find us: Currently we are growing our team - currently ParkNSpotz employees a team of six.

Size of your team or organization

  • 2-10

Funding Request

  • $25,000

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

Prior to the pilot, our team will identify a specific area in the city in which our solution will be most useful (area of focus). The pilot is planed for 3 Phases. The 1st Phase will enable providers to register their unused driveway. The 2nd Phase will enable people looking for parking to register their cars. The 3rd Phase will enable the functionality to start connecting people looking for parking with people who have parking to offer. Summary: Phase 1: Register driveways (providers) - funding needed for marketing campaign Phase 2: Register cars (parkers) - funding needed for marketing campaign Phase 3: Go Live - connecting parkers and providers in area of focus Post Go Live and Hypercare: Analyze performance metrics and work on improvements

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

During each of the 3 Phases described above our team will capture key performance metrics with respect to the objective of each phase. The model is simple, we need to meet the parking demand with the supply of registered driveways. As long as Phase 1 and 2 are successful we can gather additional performance metrics in Phase 3 such as transaction speeds, e.g. how long does it take for the user to go from initiating the chat-bot transaction to completion, including all payment transactions.


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Patrick: Thanks for the proposal. I'm a facilitator here on the Grand Rapids Challenge.

it seems that ParkNSpotz is focused exclusively on private driveways. Is that correct? I was recently at a state fair and saw a thriving rental market for driveways and yards at homes surrounding the fairgrounds.

Similar proposals on the forum have focused on renting parking spaces at apartments, condominiums, churches, and small businesses:
Matt Schaefer --
Jonathon Barkl --

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Hi Tom. Thank you for your message.
To answer your question:
Does ParkNSpotz exclusively focus on private driveways?
The answer is Yes, at least for our pilot program we will focus on private driveways - we want to create a great peer-to-peer platform.