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Mobility HUBs as a service

Infrastructure for mobility companies and smart cities.

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RUB A DUB is commercial real estates first mobility-hubs-as-a-service platform.

The RUB A DUB platform helps landlords easily increase property amenity offerings by utilizing formally un-productive parking areas. By upgrading office building parking structures to meet the evolving needs of todays commuters, RUB A DUB is positioned to provide the infrastructure to support micro-mobility companies and autonomous taxi networks through the intra-city placement of “service HUBs” and subsequent availability of “service providers”.

RUB A DUB started in 2014 while the founder, Daniel was a student in business school. He started RUB A DUB with the intention of disrupting the commercial real estate industry by capitalizing on trends in mobility, technology and real estate.  

Today, RUB A DUB has become the leading provider of car care amenities to commercial properties and their tenants. RUB A DUB currently has over 100 commercial properties under contract for HUBs serving Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland and Florida with immediate plans to expand into Michigan.

Micro-mobility companies such as Bird, LimeBike and many others have infrastructure problems with their dock-less bikes and scooters.  Electric vehicles need charging infrastructure.  Curb space is limited and creating service area's off already congested public roadways alleviates the potential for increased congestion in limited city space.

We partner with landlords to create DUB HUBs that serve as an amenity to building tenants as we have service providers on our platform that render eco-friendly, waterless car care services.  Further,  our HUBs allow us to match empty parking inventory with mobility companies for the use of our DUB HUBs for their charging and cleaning needs.

We envision a future where autonomous cars will be able to route themselves to the nearest DUB HUB and create a request to an area service provider also on our platform when routine cleaning and maintenance is needed. Once the service is delivered in our HUB, the vehicle is then placed back into service seamlessly.

Sustainable mobility options within smart cities requires the assistance of multiple parties both private and public.  We have worked with DOT and Zoning in order to create our service offering and believe our platform solution will provide cities with the infrastructure to support the logistics and operations of todays emerging mobility companies.

Our mobile application for building tenants ^

Our waterless wash products for service providers creates jobs.

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

A driver pulls into work, their vehicle is shared or autonomous. It's on a network such as Maven, GetAround or Uber and Lyft and they want it cleaned. They simply book waterless car care services that are delivered in their parking space with a few taps using the RUB A DUB mobile apps for iOS / Android or on - we are also in the process of tying our tech in with Ford Smart Connect which will allow users to redeem services through their Ford Pass application. Micro Mobility Companies such as Bird, Lyft, Uber JUMP or others that need charging infrastructure for their shared last-mile solutions or vehicles can utilize a DUB HUB via our cloud API service. An area provider on our network who is approved and vetted + insured for the property delivers the service.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Ready to Scale - you have completed and expanded your pilot and are seeing adoption of your solution by your intended user

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters) ^ These two sites are currently in development. Our main site is very generic as we have been in stealth mode.

Size of your team or organization

  • 2-10

Funding Request

  • $100,000

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

We have partnerships with many developers whom operate class A office buildings and parking structures throughout Michigan. We have had them provide us with introductions to local property managers that may be interested in integrating our service into their properties. This would in turn allow us to provide waterless, eco-friendly services to property tenants & patrons as an amenity and cater to mobility companies that wish to utilize the HUBs for their infrastructure needs. We would use the Challenge funding to outfit HUBs in willing landlords' properties and start offering our service to area mobility companies. We already generate usage fees from services rendered through our platform and rent out HUB space usage to mobility companies. Currently we are profitable and have been able to bootstrap our growth with our profits. With the Challenge funding we will be able to quickly scale to serve as self-sustaining infrastructure.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

We ideally like to get to scale of 10 HUBs consisting of 2-6 parking spaces per HUB. From this number we like to realize a minimum of 6 months of continued operations to generate enough data points to gauge success and inform any future deployments or planning efforts.


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Hi Daniel: I'm one of the facilitators here on the forum for the CityofTomorrow Challenge. Thanks for submitting the proposal. As I understand it, DUB HUBs are designated parking spots where vehicles can dock for cleaning, charging and maintenance. Is the service available only for shared or autonomous vehicles? Or can anyone book one of the spaces for RUB A Dub services?

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Hi Tom Bulten , good to connect! You are correct that DUB HUBs are designated parking spots where vehicles can dock for cleaning, charging and maintenance. The service is available for all vehicle owners. In fact the majority of our cash flows are generated from daily drivers. We used the cash flows from the large, current market of vehicles that park daily in garages to fuel expansion throughout cities in order to have a multitude of HUBs available to CAVs or shared vehicles in the near term.

We pair our logistics software with our HUBs so that vehicle owners can request a service and an area service provider will respond on their provider end application - (also helping create more jobs in the area).

Essentially, we started off as a car cleaning company operating from buildings through sophisticated scheduling and coordination software then started getting approached by an assortment of mobility companies wishing to use our HUBs for charging. So we used our cash flows from daily drivers to expand in order to create the infrastructure needed to also assist mobility companies - scooters and bikes - whom are able to see all of our locations, book a spot and integrate their charging sources for their fleets. We in turn verify their COI and assorted permissions on behalf of the developer.