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Lime Smart Bikes

The city should invest in the Lime Bike movement

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Lime Smart Bikes and Electric Scooters are a great way to give people easy options to get around town.  I have seen them used in Indiana and they are very popular.  Easy access and environmentally responsible. 

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I think students and employees would use the bikes and scooters to get around. Possibly tourists

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Hey Hope Jewell and Jill Martindale : i think your proposals have potential. I, too, saw the system in action visiting my sister in St Paul last month. Lime Bikes is expanding rapidly ( Grand Rapids isn't on the current list. Maybe your proposal could be to "pave the way" here in GR by seeking appropriate city commission endorsements and reducing other barriers. You can strengthen your proposal(s) by adding a photo, adding more details, and requesting up to $100,000 before the deadline for the "Propose" phase: Monday, October 1 at 4 pm. Let me know if I can help.

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