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IoT Device on road signs

When we need to focus on the roads while driving, our phone should be non touch, self running app and communicate with IoT Devices.

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We should be driving on highway safely without touching our phone. It should pop up smart street app. It would communicate with all IofT (Internet of Thing) devices. The device have a smart street next generation map AI inverse. It would be able to output informations on to app auto running letting us know if traffic back up, accidents avoidance, speed control, help city transportation manage what area need improvement in traffic control. 

Image reading the app while driving telling us there is an accident  in your direction according to my input address I want to go to.  Accident photo take up full screen that is on Pearl st exit off 131 NB. Then it change google map to new direction to getting off exit  before Pearl st. What AI would work in background direct how many cars going down one street and give other cars different street based on limit allowed on each street. This is called Flow Traffic AI. 

If accident is not avoidable then it tell you to reduce speed  (preparing for driverless car the AI can control brake) Speed Control AI 

AI would have chart made for city transportation manager and it connect to 911. Emergency would be automatic arriving at this exit where it AI prepared drivers to move over for Emergency crew to get thur. It also help plan for road construction and they put in say road repair on 131 NB left lane. Then AI is prepared for it faster than google map. Flow of smart street is going to help improve our traffic without needing to have human mistakes causing chaos on streets! Street also can mean any different road to highway.

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