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Install benches along high pedestrian traffic corridors to enable rest stops for those with impaired mobility

As Grand Rapids works to become an Age-Friendly city, it becomes increasingly important to provide places for pedestrians to stop and rest.

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Conversations around Grand Rapids’ efforts to become an Age-Friendly city have noted the need to provide places for pedestrians to rest. Determining appropriate locations for and installing additional benches will help make walking more accessible and enjoyable for residents of and visitors to Grand Rapids.

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Residents of and visitors to Grand Rapids would use the benches.

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Neighbors of Belknap Lookout,, has installed four benches at the new Linear Park at the corner of Coit and Hastings. It also hosts two wooden benches at its office and outdoor play area at 700 and 704 Clancy Ave NE. NOBL is a 501c3 nonprofit whose activities center around public safety and neighborhood leadership development (both City of Grand Rapids Community Development-funded Program, including a strong focus on monitoring construction in the neighborhood).

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This project would best be housed at the City. $100,000 would likely cover 25 high quality benches.

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Thanks for highlighting the need for resting places for those that are walking. This idea encourages walking and builds a sense of community and place!