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How to make getting around Grand Rapids easier

Grand Rapids has grown a lot. Many people get confused on where it's appropriate to park & I think that offering other services would help.

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I think that making people educated about where it's appropriate to park, where it's not, what is off limits, what services are available at decent prices, and offering more parking would help Grand Rapids' frustration for others to find the parking spot or the way to get to and from where they need to go. Knowledge and education is key to having this be a smoother transition.

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Brilliant! I am just back from New York where we are deploying our automated parking guidance and payment system and parking rules are a total mess there (got two tickets myself while testing, haha:)). I didn't expect GR to have similar issues. We have already integrated GR parking into our platform but my proposal for this Challenge is wider to include all modes of transportation into the platform. All you need to do is just place our low-cost device in the glove box and forget about understanding confusing parking rules: the system will know exactly when you park, how long you can stay there, and will send you expiration alerts. When you drive away, it'll just charge you for the actual time you spent parked and will notify all other users that the space just opened up to cut their search time.

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