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Have more bus stops available to outskirts

I think by offering more connections that are in close proximity, people would be more inclined toward public transportation options.

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I don't know what a specific radius should be for this, but towns just outside of GR should have a shuttle to a main, already established bus stop. I think it would be cool to have a highway shuttle as many people live in the country and have no choice but to car pool or drive personal vehicles when commuting downtown.

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P.S. Caitlin - this is a good proposal - do you need help to work it up and fill in the rest of the form? feel free to ask Tom Bulten if you need someone to bounce your thinking off!

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You bet, Caitlin Soergel ! Idrees Mutahr  and I are glad to chat about this with you. it sounds like you're envisioning regular shuttles between Grand Rapids and, say, Hudsonville, Marne, Rockford, Ada, Caledonia.... I wonder if we could find research that shows how many people commute to Grand Rapids from each of those places.

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