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I have been on the board for area-aging advisory board

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Getting people free vouchers for public transportation. Especially the Seniors. Also, stress on the importance of carpooling as well as riding a bike to work or walk to work if all possible. Expand on lighting  for safety as well as putting cameras in certain areas for protection.   

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The people within the community. For that reason, some people might not have cars or any means of transportation. They rely on other means of resources.

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Continue on have meetings with the devlepoers to see how we can implement better transporation around our community.

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Hi Patricia: Thanks for contributing to the Grand Rapids City of Tomorrow Challenge! I'm one of the facilitators for the forum. You raise several interesting ideas, each of which could be developed into its own proposal. Can you select one idea and expand on it? You also could request up to $100,000 to make your idea a reality. For example, maybe you could develop a plan to encourage more seniors to use West Michigan Rideshare, the regional carpooling service: