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Make it easier to bike on busy streets

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Make sidewalks wider and split them. Half biking, half walking on busy streets like 28th.  Or Designate South sidewalks for biking and north sidewalks for walking on east-west corridors. On busy streets, 5 foot doesn't exist for cyclists. So instead of cramming everyone in the same space,  use the sidewalks that are rarely used to promote biking.

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Thanks for the proposal, Ollie! I'm one of the facilitators for the Challenge. I urge you to continue refining the idea and complete the rest of the Proposal form. Where in Grand Rapids could you pilot this idea? Could you select a block that is well traveled by walkers and bikers where you could try it? What would a pilot or demonstration cost? What you are describing might be called a "shared-use path" or "sidepath"