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Additional Transportation Ideas

Encourage walking/biking/running.

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I think Grand Rapids should have more potions for its people to walk/bike/run safely in and around the city. I have noticed a couple of "bike stations" around downtown to repair your bike if need be. I think having more of these would be great. I think having multiple stations around the city where you can rent a bike and drop it back off at another station would encourage this as well. To cut back on parking right downtown, I think it would be good to have one big parking lot/structure where you park and have that be the big bike hub where you can then bike downtown and explore and have safe places to park the bikes while downtown. Grand Rapids' focal point is the Grand River, so I think investing more money into investing in new and wider walking/running/biking trails right along the river would be so awesome. Grand Rapids is a young and trendy city, and I think the more we embrace it and encourage that generation to get outside and explore its city, the more it will grow and prosper.

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Anyone! However I foresee the younger 18-30 age group using it most. Milwaukee has implemented this successfully and works great :)

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  • Initial Design - you are still exploring the idea and have not tested it with users


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Hey Connor: I'm the local online facilitator for the Grand Rapids Challenge. Maybe your idea for a big bike hub could be a version of the McDonald's Cycle Center in Chicago that offers secure bike parking, showers, lockers, restrooms, clothing steamers, hair dryers, mechanic services, bike rental and more Feel free to reach out if I can help you develop the idea more.

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Thanks Conor! I like your main idea there of a sort of Park and Ride scheme - but more like park and ride a bike! This seems to be the good and unique idea here so maybe focus on that and work it up into something more clear and put more detail to it - filling out the whole proposal form. Find a place in the city that you could make your pilot version, and take it from there perhaps! Good luck, and Tom will help you if you need help Tom Bulten , Katie - Facilitator