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Where are all the ride-hailing services?

We tried scheduling a taxi to the airport, but after trying 3 companies (and Uber), we learned that they were ALL completely booked

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We recently had to be at the airport at 5am for a flight, and live about 2 miles from the airport. The night before, we called 3 taxi services only to hear that they were all booked. As in, all the taxis available in the city were unavailable?! After finding a friend to drive us, we checked Uber (just for fun) before we planned to leave the house. Nothing! Lucky we are friends with early risers!


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I think there are other services like Lyft too. I feel like they were pulling your chain and just didn't want to be up that early to help you, unfortunately. I know with Uber, the driver gets to basically pick their own schedule.

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