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When what we have isn't enough...

my friend shared her story with me - as a completely normal experience... but for me, it was anything but normal.

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Everyone has a starting point, for me and my interest in transportation, it began with my friend's experience. My visually impaired friend had an appointment at DHS (Department of Health and Services) at 8 am on a November morning. She considered all her options to get there..(her son couldn't take her, the Uber drives off without her, Taxis and Van rides are too expensive and the Bus route is too far away) She choose the Go bus(a subsidised bus that can pick you up if you're approved and qualify, and take you to Doctors appointments. It fills its schedule by working others in when possible with no guarantee of time of arrival or departure. In other words, you get there when you get there.) So the Go Bus couldn't guarantee a ride on that morning, but it was able to squeeze her in. The bus picked her up on a cold snowy November morning at 6 am and dropped her off at 6: 20. For 100 minutes - a little over an 1-1/2 she stood outside waiting for someone to open the door. I was angry that was the best we could do! As a society, I believe we can and we should do better.

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Hey Annie - normally I don't like shouty CAPS but in this case you are right to shout! It's not good enough really is it? A little humanity maybe, the driver could have kept her with him/her til dropping her off later - or something. And the Or Something is where the ideas (propose) phase will come in. Try to use this community to galvanise people you feel can help develop something. If it's a community volunteer solution hijack someone who seems like they can form a community interest group with you to make a pilot service. If you think you need a special uber like commercial service then see who's here who could help to develop it. This post has a link - comment on others posts and put the link into the comment to get them to come back here to read it. Or if you are in a position to make this happen yourself make sure you've done lots of research and homework - we'll be asking testing questions to see if your proposal holds up and may be worthy of the prize. There are workshops coming - look at the calendar - linked above - and apply for the GR one. Be a nice pest Annie and get this problem moving forward. Idrees Mutahr  Tom Bulten  will help you all they can.