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We can get you there, but You will need to make other arrangements to get home. you don't qualify for return services.

Some of the services we provide to those with disabilities in our community are extremely limited and rigid and leave people stranded.

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Jay is a young man who has extreme vision problems and is disabled. Jay is often tied to jobs around the bus route so that he can get to and from work, The money though, isn't that great for jobs on the bus route. Jay understood that he needed a job that would pay him more so that he could continue to live in his own apartment and live independently. Jay found a job outside the bus route at a factory that would pay him enough where he could live on his own. Because of his disability and his vision issues the Go Bus(which is a subsidized bus system for the disabled) said it will provide a ride for him to get there because it's dark out when he leave for work The bus picks him up every morning, but they told him he would need to find his own way home because they felt he could make his way on his own coming back. Granted, J is a able-bodied hard-working man. He's willing to do whatever it takes but just doesn't understand why the system in place is able to help him in the morning but it's not able to help him in the afternoon. his disability and his vision didn't change. AS someone looking in from the outside, this seem lacking...


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Hey Annie thank you for this post, seems like a valuable service for people like Jay but why was the Go Bus not able to pick him up in the evening? is the service limited to certain hours?

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With the GO Bus, you must meet specific criteria. With daylight, J said he was told he didn't qualify and was left to try to find another service or walk to the nearest bust route.. additionally, the GO Buses first priority is Dr. Appointments for those with a specific income.