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I'm from a nearby city. My experience of Grand Rapids is an experience of always being lost. In addition the bus system is a mystery to me

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This feeling of not quite belonging and of being in the way in a system that everyone else seems to have mastered keeps me from participating in all that Grand Rapids has to offer. An online Grand Rapids for dummies would be helpful. Take me through the city and explain things like one way streets and parking. Explain how to find the right bus and how to pay. A virtual map experience from entering the city to my destination would also make me feel more comfortable.


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Hi Kathy - thanks for this excellent and honest post! I hope others from out of town will comment here too - so to draw attention to this post I'm thinking of featuring it in the newsletter this week. To this end I'm uploading a photo to it to make it stand out a bit - if you could also add a profile image to your profile - (access profile top right any page and then follow the link to edit profile - don't worry - the photo takes a few minutes to appear on the platform) - then it would be perfect. Thanks, Katie - Moderator.PS the image is by Jonathan Mast on Unsplash

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