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Transit Grocery

A grocery store at Central Station

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Downtown is extremely difficult to buy ingredients for dinner - there aren’t any full service grocery stores and the few specialty food shops that exist are out of the price range of most low to middle income shoppers. Many cities I have seen while traveling have a grocery store near or inside their transit hub. The Rapid Station would be an incredible location for a modest downtown Meijer, Trader Joe’s, D&W, Family Fare, or ALDI. People could pick up ingredients for dinner on their commute home as they change bus lines. They could grab a quick bite for breakfast on their way to work. This would be profitable for the store and the Rapid as well as incredible convenient and an effective solution to the food desert downtown that makes it extremely difficult for lower-income people to access healthy food.

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Getting Groceries Home


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Hi Connie: This post by you generated some interesting discussion on this forum. I wonder if you would consider refining the idea for the "Propose" phase of this Challenge. (The Challenge is seeking proposals through September 30 and is providing $100,000 to a winning proposal.) I'm the online facilitator for the Grand Rapids Challenge. So, let me know if I can help you refine an idea. You can submit a proposal here: Thanks for considering.

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