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Traffic and Bad Driving Habits

Bad traffic in Grand Rapids is a direct cause from bad driving habits.

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Do you hate sitting in traffic? What if I told you that you are most likely the cause? The driving habits of the average person are awful and directly affect how terrible traffic can get. The drivers education programs need to be improved greatly since it seems that no one quite understands how to properly drive on highways or how they are supposed to operate at max efficiency. I can guarantee if people stopped tailgating and left the recommended vehicle space in front of them on the highway it would significantly decrease highway congestion. I would love to further explain the math or concept on this so that i don't have to sit in dead stop traffic on my 9 mile drive home. Also, a 3rd lane on all highways would help a lot.

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Hello David, I am one of the facilitators here thank you for the post. It seems highway traffic is a big mobility problem for you, where in Grand Rapids do you travel and what freeways do you use the most? Do you know any places where an education campaign is specifically targeting traffic concerns?