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Too many parking lots.

The number of parking spaces for parking requirements are most likely too high. Reduce the number of spaces and add covered bike racks.

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Parking lots are hot and gross. Abundant parking encourages driving creating more congestion. A majority of trips from the home under 4 miles are done by car, which would take less than a half hour by bike. I would suggest reducing the amount of required parking spaces for new business and supplementing bike racks and lanes to encourage more use.


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Hi Craig: I hope you're doing well. Can you submit a proposal on bicycle transportation to the "Propose" phase of this Challenge. (The Challenge is seeking proposals through September 30 and is providing $100,000 to a winning proposal.) I'm the online facilitator for the Grand Rapids Challenge. So, let me know if I can help you refine an idea. You can submit a proposal here: Thanks for considering.

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