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The Super

A hybrid of ridesharing-like services, buses, traffic light synchronicity and optimized autonomy. The Super Shuttle.

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The Super Shuttle is like a hybrid of ridesharing services and buses that offers the best of both worlds. They use an AI designed route with stops like busses but offer upcharge, location-based pickup and dropoff. FAST Smaller vehicles allow for more shuttles and more frequent pickups. They are more nimble in traffic and most importantly, they are synced with the traffic lights. They make stops during red lights and get green lights whenever they are moving. This could be done by matching their routes with the traffic light timing or by using AI to update the routes and lights simultaneously in real time to optimize both shuttle services and traffic flow. CONVENIENT Use the app to track the shuttle so you know EXACTLY when you need to be at a stop. -OR- Use location-based PICKUP or DROPOFF, similar to ridesharing services, for an upcharge. Every ride is automatically charged through the app and automatically discounted if you're a frequent rider. EVERY seat has a usb port. Parking lots located near highway off-ramps, outside city limits, allow for more parking spaces and city visitors can easily board The Super. AUTONOMY This system would easily transition to autonomous vehicles. It's minimized operations radius would allow for more thorough 3D mapping, lower speed limits and potential use of sensors placed in intersections.


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Hi Austin: I hope that you post your idea to the "Propose" phase before the deadline on Monday, October 1 at 4 pm (EST). You might find a few similar ideas up on the forum. Those could be opportunities for collaborations. The deadline for the Pittsburgh Challenge is October 10 if you want to propose to that Challenge, too.

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Hey Austin: I am also one of the facilitators here, with Idrees. The "Propose" phase of the City of Tomorrow Challenge is active. So, you can formally propose your idea here: I look forward to seeing some more details about The Super Shuttle.

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Hello Austin, thank you for the post, I am one of the facilitators on the challenge. We are still in the explore phase for the Grand Rapids challenge so we are looking for contributions focused on the experience of traveling in the city. The propose phase will be a good time to submit your ideas for solving mobility challenges in the city, more information on the challenge can be found here: