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So much construction, so much traffic

I live north of the city and work south of 28th street. With all of the construction going on, the ride home is gnarly.

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Early in the morning when I ride to work, I can zig zag and I feel relatively safe heading in for the day. On my ride home, in rush hour, I feel like drivers aren't watching for me and they're impatient with all of the construction. Some roads, like Breton, are closed, but cars still drive aimlessly around there, avoiding pot holes and equipment, but not looking for pedestrians or cyclists. With lights, high-vis apparel, and my helmet, I'm doing the best I can, but it can still be a little stressful. Other than changing my route and riding further out of my way, how can construction companies help make commuting safer?

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Hi Jill, I'm one of the facilitators here. Thanks for your story of a tough cross-town bicycle commute.