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So is there too much parking or not enough parking downtown?

I think this depends on who you ask...

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So if you come downtown occasionally it's not that difficult to find a spot in a parking lot or a ramp the park .. which would lead people to say there's plenty of parking. But the people that I talk to are often times bartenders, waitresses or people in the service industry that don't make that much money to begin with. So to be forced to pay $24 a day to park or higher is painful and when you have to pay that every day it adds up, Further, the Northeast side where they are building the Embassy Suites there's very little parking over there with all of the construction which adds to the frustration.

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Good point Annie, different factors can impact your experience with parking, perhaps things like price, destination, time of the week or day, familiarity with parking facilities, and mode of travel. There has been a good exchange about parking at this post: