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Skywalk Downtown GR

Sky Walk downtown What is future plan for this Sky Walk?

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When I was growing up, I would use this skywalk to stay warm walk from Amway to hotel or office buildings. They provided heat and a nice view of Downtown. I used this several time to park far away and walk to convention center in winter time. I strongly think if we could improve speed of getting from one place to other by adding people movers. I would also like to suggest adding more skywalk to different parking lots and future entertainment center! In some places should have Uber (Rideshare) drop off and pick up places so it would be in parking ramp to keep traffic flowing easier! Can it be connected to Spectrum Hospital and major parking garages? Can we make it into movable walking conveyor like one found in Detroit Airport? Turn that into like turnpike to collect money to pay for repair and up keep skywalk?


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Hello Tom, I am one of the facilitators for this challenge, thank you for your post! I think it would be good for others to better understand your post if you added an image of the skywalk! For the explore phase of this challenge we are interested in gathering insights about what it's like to move around the city, can you tell me what your experience using the skywalk has been like? Are there things you like about it, or things you think should change?

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Thank you for your feedback and I enjoyed this website. I wish it would do something like this for other purpose maybe each city had own site that allow us to share ideas to improve our cities!
i did add photos and more detailed about why and what I like to add to it.

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Thanks for the photos, Tom. I'm also a facilitator here with Idrees. So, I linked your photos to another mention of the skywalk in this discussion of the challenges of walking in the winter:

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Great thanks for the additions Tom!