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Pedestrian underpasses on 28th St and other busy corridors

Pedestrian/bike underpasses would enhance safety and encourage more people to commute by bike. Busy corridors such as 28th St are a hurdle.

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I use my bike as my main mode of transportation. Because I live right near 28th St, I have to cross it all the time. I also ride my bike down 28th St and cross US131. What an unpleasant experience it is! Underpasses or overpasses for bikes and pedestrians would improve safety; by improving safety, it would make biking to a destination--rather than just biking around the neighborhood for fun--more of a possibility for average folks who aren't committed cyclists.

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Even the use of steel shielded path ways on the edges of roads. So they cars couldn't run into the bike lane. Of course the true solution is to redesign cars to focus on efficiency and health benefits while a person for where there going. No matter whether if the were handicapped with a very irregular gate, or overweight, or a healthy person wanting to travel in an enjoyable way while physically causing there body to create endorphins. And even join a free club that they went on trips and encouraged everyone to be able to be their best!

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